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Why is Team Building important ?

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford

In recent years, team building has been widely used in companies, and is an effective way of strengthening the cohesion of a group, but not only. What are the advantages? What activities should be implemented?

What are the objectives of team building?

Sharing and listening: everyone presents their points of view of how to approach a particular problem.The goal is to speak and listen actively to each other.

Boost individual and collective motivation: Through challenges, everyone will have to surpass themselves and put their personal motivation at the service of the group.

Openness: a moment of the unexpected where everyone can discover or highlight a potential, a talent not yet revealed. It is a question here of surprising, pushing, destabilizing to push the collective to think differently, and even to innovate.

Strengthen bonds between colleagues :Through collective challenges, common experiences, sensations, emotions experienced in a group, the spirit of belonging to the group is increased greatly.

Communication : Activities shared outside in a different environment lead to different communication. It can also be a way for the company to communicate its values and culture to its employees in a more subtle but equally effective way.

Barcelonize’s team building services :

At Barcelonize, team building is one of the pillars of our job, to imagine and create unique experiences tailored for each company. Here are some few examples of our Team building concepts :

Mozaic Activity : We recently organised a day based around the Sagrada Familia neighborhood, our clients firstly visited the emblematic cathedral in the heart of Barcelona following by a Mosaic activity which consisted in making a big mosaic fresque, each part of the fresque was assembled in teams.

Graffiti Painting : Calling out all of the artists who always wanted to throw some colour on a wall of a city. It is possible with Barcelonize, our clients spent an afternoon with a professional graffiti artist learning about different techniques and tricks. The result was magnificent.

Scavenger Hunt : Explore a new city in a different way by having fun, solving riddles, finding clues, completing challenges. It is a great option to create bonds while breathing fresh air outside.

To see the end product as a team like the Graffiti wall is very rewarding, this moment is where the spark of affinity lits up. You feel proud as a group. Beyond any doubt, if you have a great relationship with your colleagues, not only you will be more productive but you will feel more positive everyday coming to work.

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