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Hospital Sant Pau : A magical venue in the heart of Barcelona.

Discovering a local treasure place several blocks away from Sagrada Familia, it was designed by catalan architect called Lluís Domènech and Montaner. A beautiful hospital of Art nouveau architecture decorated with colourful mosaics and stained glass windows.

One of UNESCO’s world heritage sites since 1997, has been completely renovated. It has been recently open to tourists, they can now enjoy the indoors and outdoors or get lost in the underground labyrinth.

At Barcelonize, it is one of our favorite venues to host dinners for companies whether it is for a casual dinner or a formal conference.

Here are a collection of photographs taken freshly this morning :

Front facade & Entrance of Hospital Sant Pau

You can observe the Sagrada Familia from the first floor of the Hospital

Contact us & who knows, maybe your next event will be hosted in this beautiful place.

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