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Turn your MICE Event into an Experience through decoration.

Why Millennials will love your next event! In today's world, we have seen a shift of interest, Millennials are looking for experiences and turning their backs on materialism and unpersonalised products and services. Millennials think differently. Things no longer matter. Experiences do. According to Eventbrite 75% of Millennials say they value experiences over things. You can observe this from trendy companies like Airbnb that offer a personalised and homey place to stay instead of a dull hotel room; or Deliveroo bringing restaurants to your home. The trend is also felt in the corporate event industry; people are less interested in a traditional conference, sitting on a chair for hours listening to a public speaker. Instead they value out-of- the-box events where attendees can strengthen bonds between each other and most importantly have a good time.

Decoration is crucial in event planning as you can really show your style and differentiate yourself from the competition. Lighting, table design, colours and textures are equally as important as the venue, entertainment and catering. When it comes to budget, sometimes the client does not include a price for decoration, but do not worry, you can make amazing setups just by using your imagination.

Here are some examples of decoration to succeed in a great event :

Unforgettable entrance : It's always important to make a good first impression. The entrance should reflect the theme and branding of your client and also have an unique style. If you manage to pull it off, your guests will enter the venue with a sense of excitement.

Animated lighting : Lighting is a good way of setting the event’s mood. If the event has a theme, that's your cue to align the lighting design. We recently made a galaxy/space themed event and set blue and purple lights mimicking the night and planets.

Table design - attention to detail : The key here is to stay minimalistic by using elegant touches such as fresh flower arrangement or local art pieces. Using the right colours aligned with the theme of the event can make a difference. As said previously, using creativity and imagination can create wonders; you will wow the attendees at your next event, without breaking the bank.

Make an Instagram moment mural : One word… 4 letters… all marketers have it on the tip of their tongues… FOMO. Let your guests snap a shot to share it with all their friends, colleagues and family. It is a good way to get some attention on social media that can eventually lead to new clients.

Designing an event is one of the most exciting parts of being an event planner. It gives you a chance to get outside of your daily tasks and truly be creative.

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