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DMC Barcelona

Destination Management Company Barcelona

Why Barcelona? Barcelona being Spain’s second city, is a must see. It is a unique city with a lot to offer, especially when talking about events. In such a dynamic city you won’t even know where to begin and that is why we’re here to help!  Barcelonize is your DMC in Barcelona, we are your one stop shop.


1) Location and climate :

Barcelona is located at a strategic geographical point surrounded by mountains and almost five kilometers of beaches with one of the most important and most active ports on the Mediterranean coast. In addition to this, it has a very pleasant year round climate with only 60 days of rain.


Barcelona is divided into several distinct neighborhoods, each of which has a special atmosphere to offer and many different kinds of venues that can be classic,modern and unusual such as: convention centers, theaters, warehouses, creative spaces, boats, parks, museums, mansions, clubs and much more.


2) Gastronomy :

Boasting over 20 Michelin stars, Barcelona has a huge selection of restaurants, bars and cafes, offering a unique and wonderful gastronomical experience. Being food lovers ourselves, we at Barcelonize, know and frequent some amazing places to eat. We can recommend both top-end restaurants and little known hidden gems.


3) Art and culture :

Barcelona is considered to be the artistic and creative capital of Spain. You can see it everywhere in the city, from the buildings, the street art and contemporary art, to the people and the nightlife… there is so much creativity going on here!

Throughout the city there is evidence of its history that stretches back over 2000 years such as the unique architecture by Gaudi and art by Picasso, Miró etc.


Imagine doing a team building scavenger hunt in the narrow streets of the Gothic quarter, steeped in history and culture.  Or competing in sailing regattas in the renowned waters of the Costa Brava.  It’s an unforgettable experience.  

As your destination management company in Barcelona, we will give you all the information you need to organize the most unforgettable event.

Contact us for your free quote today!


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