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Trends in the event industry

With so much going on in the world; new technologies that spring up daily, constant and persistent advertising that bombards us 24 hours a day, social and environmental issues; it is not a surprise that we are seeing a lot of new trends. One such trend can be seen in the event management industry. In fact there has been an evolution in the guest experience and also their expectations. So much to do, so little time! The attention span of the modern human especially the younger generations does not allow for the events industry to persist as it always has. In some ways this is a positive factor as it encourages innovation which helps the industry to evolve. As a result of this evolution, event managers are a lot more creative and able to surprise their clients.

So let’s talk about some trends in the industry……

First of all, sustainability. The event planning industry has a huge impact on the environment (the logistics alone can leave a huge carbon footprint). However, there are a lot of innovative ways to decrease this impact and it is best to put this into practice not only during or after the event but also during the pre-production of it: in the office! For example, using eco-friendly cups and crockery during events, purchasing decoration that is reusable, reducing the use of paper in the office. In our Barcelonize office we built our desks ourselves out of wooden pallets! Food and beverages also play a role when talking about sustainability. We are seeing more and more demand for vegetarian and vegan food and so there are a lot of options when it comes to new catering concepts that provide healthy, vegetarian or vegan food. Without meat, vegetarian diets leave a much smaller carbon footprint and therefore a lower impact on the environment.

Secondly, we see that nowadays, people want immersive experiences, to learn new things, to

discover and get involved. Choosing the right venue can have a huge impact, so when looking for places to prepare an event, a unique and unusual venue will not only make an unforgettable

experience but also involve the 5 senses of your guests. So taking the time to decorate and

customise the place to make it an interactive space is important. Venues such as warehouses, museums, old theatres are the places you want to look for.

And of course as technology is increasingly making our lives more efficient, there are new trends that can really help in this industry. Starting with the social medias, having a really cool, informative and artistic profile on Instagram or Facebook etc. can be very helpful because it draws attention to your service or also sending out unique newsletters via email. 

Reaching out to your clients and focus on giving them an memorable and unique memory will make them remember you as clients are nowadays looking for emotional experiences.

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