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Our favourite Barcelona venues

At Barcelonize we custom our events to any theme or idea as requested by our

customer. We believe that the right venue is really important in order to match it with

the chosen theme and also to create the right ambience depending on what type of

event it is.

Here in Barcelona there is a huge variety of different kinds of venues from more

traditional, historical venues to alternative warehouses. So, you definitely have a lot

of choice to find what you are looking for!

Here are some of the venues we have chosen according to ambience…

For smaller groups of about 100 people, warehouses are the dynamic place to

spend the day doing a conference and then have some drinks and music at night.

These kinds of places offer a fun, creative and multi-use purpose environment for the


For events such as closing parties/dinners which in general have a specific theme,

here are some venues we usually like to suggest to our clients. These are venues which are the perfect place to host an event with a futuristic or space theme with decoration designed and made by the Barcelonize team.

Another venue that could fit a medieval theme for example is this little village located

in the heart of Barcelona. 

An unusual venue is something that is trending right now in the events industry. Here

are some examples: dinner surrounded by the underwater world; a party in a

medieval castle; or a soiree in the middle of vineyards with the most amazing wines.

Of course, being located in such an historical city, a lot of venues can also be

organised in more traditional or historical places which never go out of fashion. It’s

always the perfect option to host something elegant and classy.

At Barcelonize we make the impossible possible! We don't consider there is any limitations when it comes to creativity, your event could even take place in the middle of a forest in tree houses or in the mountains staying in igloos.

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