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Important pillars to consider now in the events industry

It is of course important to involve technology in our events since this sector is evolving so much. However, the technology you chose to have at the event should enhance the relationship and communication between the participants and not do the opposite, as they say nowadays “technology brings us closer to those who are far away, but far away from those who are close”. A good example for this is using VR headsets, all guests are sitting next to each other but they will not communicate. So a better way to use technology is to use tools that will create interactive experiences, in which all guests can participate together.

Probably one of the things that is most asked by customers and popular now is to be innovative. That means that you will have to think in a creative way to deliver an exceptional and different experience. We can therefore say, that the content and the activities of an event are really important. Trying to do something out of the box is a good idea to achieve this. There are a lot of new concepts nowadays when it comes to venues, f&b etc. like for example bars that use movie themes such as Breaking Bad, where you need to dress up in a yellow costume, enter inside of Heisenberg’s van and pretend to cook drugs when in reality you are preparing your own drink. All of these things can be arranged and be part of an event which gives it a really fun experience too.

Focusing more on F&B, we can definitely notice that street food is the most popular now, it is a great way to serve food, super tasty and not complicated. Guest’s love it! Nevertheless, it is important also to not forget what is also going on around the food, so we’re talking about creating a street like atmosphere. With the sounds, smells and bustle of a great market. Another important aspect to take into consideration is to keep all the different food trucks at a same level of quality so that guest do not have to focus only on one stand and so leaving the others empty which does not look very good. A good mix of different kind of flavours is the best option, some of the popular food trends for street food are burgers (they never go out of fashion), tacos and Thai food.

Finally, the location, one of the most important factors. These are the aspects customers take care the most about nowadays: accessibility, accessibility in disabilities, service quality, value for money, political stability and safety. But actually, people also want to discover new cities and that is why second cities are upcoming in the conference industry!

In Barcelonize we’re constantly working on new and innovative ideas to deliver the best experiences to our customers!

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