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Fun Team building barcelona

Scavenger Hunt

Barcelona scavenger hunt team building activities.

The Barcelonize scavenger hunt team building activity was created so that you can explore Barcelona or any other Catalan city from the list below and have fun at the same time.

Combining culture, fun and team work, our scavenger hunts take you through the narrow streets of Barcelona or the city of your choice, where you discover hidden places and learn interesting facts about the city.

After an icebreaker introduction and an explanation of the rules, the group is divided into teams. A road book and all the necessary material is given to the teams who then start their adventure through the streets of Barcelona. During this team building activity, teams must solve puzzles, perform quests, find hidden places, interact with people, sing, act,.... It is a competition in which each team needs to get points to win. It is also a race against time!

Each team is followed by an instructor that not only oversees the games and puzzles but also makes sure the team doesn't get lost. No help or hints are given.

Participants will work on communication, resource management, collaboration,  solidarity, assertiveness and other skills.

The scavenger hunt team building activity takes place in many Catalan cities including Barcelona, Girona, Sitges, Tarragona, Sant Cugat, Tossa de Mar and Altafulla but we can organise it in another city if need be.

Check out the different scavenger hunt options below:

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