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Scavenger Hunt

Barcelona Pirates scavenger hunt

This treasure hunt will take you in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus, in their desperate search for the lost map to get to America. 

A spectacular treasure hunt along the seafront in Barcelona, ​​where pirates crews must compete in games, solving puzzles and fulfilling missions. You compete against rival pirates crews, because everyone will try to reach America before you. You want to ship?

At each stops of the trip a series of challenges expects you  ... Participate in a race against the clock. 

We timers: do not miss a minute! Every effort has its rewards.

An excellent team building activity to improve communication, team bonding, leadership and have fun with your colleagues.

Activity details:

Participants: from 10 to 250

Gears: We recommend to wear comfortable clothe according to the season

Location: Barcelona sea front, Port Vell

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