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El Poble Espanyol a great venue, a great office...

Where tradition meets events, the recently installed Barcelonize office, located in the Poble Espanyol has the amazing opportunity to get to know this place very well. So, let us introduce you to this venue in the heart of Barcelona which represents the Soul of Spain...

El Poble Espanyol is a little village located on the hill of Montjuic. It brings all the corners of Spain together, so it gives you the possibility to experience Spanish culture in a very unique way. From food, traditions, art and architecture to fiesta! The Poble Espanyol was originally built for the International Exhibition back in 1929 and it was so successful that they kept it open and alive until today.

Besides all the cultural aspects this place has to offer it is also a great place to host a perfect and unique event. The Poble Espanyol has over 10 venues to host different kinds of events such as meetings, presentations, conferences, parties, exhibitions etc. Or if you prefer you can even rent the whole village to create an unforgettable day/night. Each of the venues offers a different kind of atmosphere for a unique and memorable event.

Barcelonize is keen to create events that guide the audience through a unforgettable journey of discovery, fun and culture here at the Poble Espanyol.

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