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To host an unique event themed “summer school” for the layer department of the company. The aim of Barcelonize was to cover all the major aspects of the event and to associate the corporate, creative and fun aspect. Our idea was to give a summer feeling to the clients rather than being in a seminar.

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What we organised ?


Summer seminar    

When ?
June 2018 (5 days)

How many guests ?

Where ?
Lisbon, Portugal

Our solution : 

From an event perspective, we selected a hotel in the city centre, using as well their conference room for their 3 days of meetings, with all the material necessary (sound system lights, stage, screens…). 


Regarding a summer feeling we wanted to give them, we organised yoga sessions each morning before they started to work. We arranged half a day of activities: sailing regatta , 8 boats competed between each other during a 3 hours race. The second activity was a walking tour to discover the city of Lisbon. We ended this day going to 14 different local restaurants for the groups.


During the stay we also organised the welcome event in a specific venue called Village Underground. This is a unique architectural structure made out of shipping containers and double decker buses and the catering was set up into 3 different food trucks. Our whole idea for this welcoming event was to surprise them with something special, unique and alternative. We finished this week with the closing party and once again the idea was to propose something unusual and different. The party took place on the beach, in a beach bar venue customised by Barcelonize, which we privatised bar. To give that feeling of summer camp, we used 3 big barbecues for the food, a sand sculpture activity, a fun foto booth, a karaoke, a local music band for the aperitif and a DJ for the music. We provided as well typical summer goodies as sun glasses, flip flops and customised beach towels for each person.

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