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Masterchef experience

Masterchef experience cooking workshop

In today’s competitive market, good teamwork is key for communication and success -  and what better way to achieve that goal with a cooking class? 


When we think about it, what do we all have in common? Eating! Studies have also shown that when people eat together, they become closer to each other as a group. 


So put your team's skills to the test by encouraging them to participate in the process of designing and preparation of a menu that they will later share.


A kitchen, is the ideal place to take part in a common project where each participant's skills are essential. Cooking as a team helps with group interactions, team cohesion, airing of problems and discussion of solutions, successes and challenges. 


In this exciting workshop, we divide the participants into several groups who are going to take the challenge to cook the best paella of Barcelona! After the paella is done there is going to be a jury who is going to blind-taste the different paellas to choose which one’s the best. We can definitely say that this is a fun activity!

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