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Construction Challenge

Barcelona Construction Challenge

Get the best of your team with this fun construction challenge.


Teams must build bridges or catapults in a record time.


Teams will have the exact same material to build the construction, it will then be down to them to find the way to build it as fast as possible, and as solid as possible.

With the catapult challenge they will need to get it right and functioning as they will need to use it to trow balls into a target, so it will need to have enough strength and be as accurate a possible to get the most projectiles in the target.

The bridge challenge can be a competition between teams or a single team that builds a huge bridge.

Again the material is exactly the same for all participants and when finished the bridge should hold the team on it or for he smaller version to drive a remote control car over it.

They will be judge on the aesthetic of it, the strength and the time to build it.

An excellent choice of team building to live an unforgettable day with your colleagues. 

Do you want to play?

An excellent team building activity to improve communication, team bonding, cohesion, leadership and have fun with your colleagues.

Activity details:

Participants: from 10 to 250

Gears: We recommend to wear comfortable clothe according to the season

Location:  The city of your choice

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